The Division of Phoniatrics conducts clinical trials as well as basic research. The individual research areas are:

  • Molecular laryngology, exploration of cellular processes in the vocal folds
  • iDN, early childhood development and developmental disorders
  • Neurolaryngology, the targeted electrical stimulation of individual laryngeal nerves
  • Telemedicine, improvement of therapeutic options with eHealth

Main research areas


To consolidate our research, our division has established the following research areas:

Clinical trials


Electrical nerve stimulation for the therapy of the age voice

Voice changes in old age will become an important health issue in the foreseeable future. Affected patients suffer from highly hoarse, unstressable voices and tend to social withdrawal and isolation. To treat the age-related voice, we are conducting experiments using electrical stimulation of the affected nerve ("recurrent nerve"). This approach is intended to clarify the extent to which it is possible to reverse age-related changes such as bsw. atrophy of the laryngeal muscles.

The application of these findings should help to keep patients longer in working life and improve their participation in social life.


Klinische Studie

Wanted: Clinical trial participants

We are currently researching purely external electrostimulation as a new and innovative treatment option. For this purpose, we are looking for women between 55 and 75 years of age. By participating in this study, we learn a lot about this new treatment option and can use this knowledge in the future to treat voice changes. Study participants will not only learn more about their health condition, but will also have the unique opportunity to benefit from scientifically proven treatment options and pave the way for widespread use of these new treatment options. There is no cost to our study patients for participating in the study. The participants receive an expense allowance.


Registration for clinical trial

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